Things I have planted in my new garden to help the bees! Earth Day 2021

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Since we moved into our new home in September 2020, and the previous owners didn’t seem to have a green thumb, we’re working with a relatively clean slate! 

So with that being said, here are some things I have planted in my new garden to help the bees.

We all know how vital the bees are to our climate and can use all the help they can get!


Photo by Baraa jalahej from Pexels

Bees perceive colour differently to human eyes and purple is the most vibrant colour for them! 

They love lavender, so I bought a lavender plant and some seeds which have just gone outside.


Now I can’t take credit for the honeysuckle in this house (we did plant a climbing honeysuckle in the old garden) but the bees do love it and it’s really thriving!

Sweet peas

Not only are sweet peas gorgeous but bees love these too! Highly recommend sweet peas. I planted 2 different colours in March (a pale purple/blue and a vibrant “sunset” colour) which are starting to shoot.


Photo by Radovan Zierik from Pexels

Another bee favourite, my partner just planted my foxgloves for me which are starting to shoot too! 

A beautiful flower that brings some colour to your garden.


Gladioli are beautiful border plants. None of mine have peaked their heads out yet, but I’m hopeful that some of my 20+ planted will come up!

This is really my first year of doing much in the garden so I am super excited for the colours to come out and the bees to buzz!

I hope you’ll all consider planting some of these plants (or others) for the bees in your garden. Big or small, anything to help the bees survive is worth doing.

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3 thoughts on “Things I have planted in my new garden to help the bees! Earth Day 2021

    • Author gravatar

      I think it’s great your planting bee friendly plants in your garden. We also have lavender and sweet pea; the bees also love our sage plant too.

    • Author gravatar

      I love that you’re planting to help the bees and thinking of them!! That’s awesome! I’m sure the little bees will enjoy everything you’ve planted. I hope it all grows well! And thanks for sharing!

    • Author gravatar

      That’s wonderful you’re planting bee friendly plants! I don’t have a garden, but my partner’s mother has a summer home & I’ll need to get some of these flowers to plant there!

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