The Best Girl by Emma Harrison – Book Review

You Are Cordially Invited . . .

To your brother’s wedding where he will marry rich, famous Marni Shay, at the River Lodge, the most elite resort in Colorado, the state you chose to go to college in so you could escape your family, except they’ll all be there. Enjoy ten fun-filled days of avoiding your mother, who still thinks you’re not girly enough; planning your brother’s bachelor party, because you are his best man, er, girl; and, oh yeah, trying not to drool all over Hot Connor, who happens to be in your English seminar and work at the River Lodge. Put your best foot forward, and . . .

Don’t miss the most joyous celebration of the year!

Yeah, right.

Shy Farrah/Jane Morris finds herself in a tough situation after ‘hiding’ her true identity throughout college, when her crush is found to be working at the resort where her brother is getting married. 

We follow Farrah/Jane in snowy Collorado on her winter break romance.

I’m just going to start by saying Biff was ROBBED. I need a whole other book just about Biff, pronto.

Biff was absolutely the best character. Quirky, rebellious, supportive. Everything you want in a supporting character, I just wanted more.

Back to the matter at hand. 

I don’t feel as though Farrah/Jane stuck with me. (I had to check back in the book to remember her name)

I never managed to get a good visual in my head of what she looked like or what her mannerisms were. 

Maybe I just couldn’t relate to her, I don’t know. 

I spent most of the book rolling my eyes, waiting for Farrah to tell Connor. 

Saying all that, I did enjoy it. The writing flowed nicely and I didn’t put it down for 2 days. I would definitely try reading another of her books and recommend this book to others.

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The verdict

I did enjoy this book, I just couldn't get passed the overwhelming need to scream "tell the truth!!"
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