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Stardew Valley Playthrough // Perselem Farm ep.1

Perselem Farm playthrough, ep.1

Good morning all! I wanted to do this Stardew Valley playthrough series a couple months back but didn’t have the time or motivation. So here we are.

Stardew Valley is a role playing game, developed. The game starts with you inheriting your grandfathers old farm, in Stardew Valley. Mayor Lewis leaves 15 parsnip seeds for you in your house, all the right tools are already in your backpack ready to go!

Table of Contents

The farmhouse

So as this is the first episode of my Stardew Valley playthrough series and a new farm, I just have the basic farmhouse.

It may just be me, but I want the table and benches. In my real house. The fireplace can also come.

The farmhouse can be upgraded 3 times:

  • The first comes with a kitchen. You need this to make anything from the cooking channel & to get married.
  • The second is when you marry, your spouse will bring their room with them. (Shane even brings his spilt beer, which is…nice…of him)
  • Β The third upgrade gives you 2 extra rooms and a basement that comes with casks to age your wine, cheese and truffle oil.
Stardew Valley playthrough farmhouse ep.1

The farm

Stardew Valley playthrough four corners ep.1

I went for the 4 corners farm (perfect for multiplayer, or just yourself if you want a load of land) mainly because I wanted to do 4 different sections:

  • The house with cropsΒ 
  • An orchard
  • Barns
  • Coops

Of course, knowing me that idea will change but for right now, that’s the plan!

My goals for year 1

Top tips for starting a new farm

I hope you will enjoy this blog series! This will be weekly progress updated every Monday. Be sure to subscribe below to keep updated.

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