Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark – Book Review

Name: Emily Matthias

Phone: Call me anytime!

Date: I’d love one!

Print Quantity:
Um, a billion? I need pictures of everyone and everything. It’s the Outer Banks—everything is photogenic here. Especially Blake. And Spencer

If you are looking for an easy, coming of age, predictable read this is perfect! (Which is exactly what I was looking for)

If you are looking for a deep, feminist novel then this won’t be for you. Picture Perfect doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not, from the front cover to the first sentence, you get what you asked for.

Time taken: Around 3 hours.

Did it warm your insides? Definitely. It’s a sweet, easy read.

Would you read others by this author? I’ve already ordered “So Inn Love” 

The main character, Emily, reminds me of Rory Gilmore. But instead of books and academia, Emily relies on her camera. 

If you enjoyed Gilmore Girls, you will enjoy this! Need a break from hard to follow, harrowing novels? Try it! 

I bought this book for £2.49 on iBooks.

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The verdict

I loved this book, Catherine Clark had me sneakily reading at my desk during work.
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