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My Favourite Walking Spots in The Cotswolds // The Blog Brew Collab

June: Great outdoors month

As the title would suggest, June is Great Outdoors Month! I want to share with you all my favourite walking spots (so far, of course) in the Cotswolds! 

There are so many gorgeous places around the Cotswolds that won’t make the list, purely because I’m only going to share 4 I’ve recently visited!

So stick around and have a read of my 4 most recent walks I have loved over this quarantine period.

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The Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is definitely one of my favourite spots for a walk, especially during the summer heat. It’s great to be in the shade most of the time!

There’s always a new path to take and new experiences to have here.

In the Forest of Dean there’s a sculpture trail to keep the young ones busy which is perfect. Lots of bike trails to enjoy and walks to utilise. 

I highly recommend a visit.


Lechlade is a gorgeous flat walk (perfect for me!) that can take you in many different directions.

A highlight for me is the concrete pillboxes. These were built during WWII to protect the river Thames against a potential invasion, which inevitably ended up not being required.

I definitely recommend taking a wander along this beautiful route, and check out the pillboxes!

Painswick Beacon

Painswick Beacon is a frequent visit for me. It’s one of the shorter walks we go on which is perfect for after work.

One thing you definitely need to be careful of if you’re going in the day is the golfers. It’s very easy to forget this is a golf course that is in use and a golf ball to the head isn’t unheard of!

If you go on the weekend or midweek in the day, be sure to stay aware!

Sharpness canal

Another frequented walk for us is Sharpness canal/Frampton on Severn. 

Can you tell I enjoy a good flat walk?

Some of the older readers may remember visiting the Cadburys Factory here! (I certainly do) 

It’s a gorgeous walk for everyone.


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  1. Kim says:

    I also live in The Cotswolds and would recommend all of these too. Especially The Forest of Dean as there are so many places and attractions to explore. My favourite though would be Bourton-on-the-Water. But there are also some lovely places to walk around in the Stroud valley’s too – we really do live in a beautiful part of the UK.

  2. Haley Scully says:

    Wow, these spots are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t live in the UK, but I’d love to visit sometime, and if I do, these trails will be high up on my list. Thank you very much for sharing this information and the beautiful pictures! ✨

    1. Ahh you definitely should, they’re really lovely walks! x

      1. I definitely believe it! Those pictures are so beautiful!

  3. rsleejones says:

    I love this!! We used to drive through the Cotswolds when my nan was alive as she lived in banbury, it was a lovley drive!! I’ve only heard of forrest of dean, always wanted to go camping there!! The other places look beautiful though!! Xx

    1. Ahh the Forest of Dean is probably my fave! Definitely recommend visiting! x

  4. All these locations look absolutely stunning. That’s the beauty of the countryside/woodlands in the UK I think they are nice atmospheres in all weathers. Beaut imagery too! – Beth xx

    1. Definitely! Very thankful to live here! xx

  5. I loved this post as I love walking! The Lechdale walk looks great and it’s so close to where one of my closest friends lives so im going to HAVE to go there when I go up to see her! Thank you for sharing, all Beautiful pictures as well!

  6. All of these walks sound amazing! In my city there is the Boserup Forest, and I love going for walks there and having a picnic by the fjord.

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