The beautiful Blenheim Palace located in Oxford, England, is one of the most beautiful country estates you can visit. The birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace was built in 1722 but modified in several different ways over the years. The estate has over 2’000 acres which were predominantly used for hunting. But of course you can read all about it when you visit! Check out their website for their current pricing where you can also read up on all their history. 

This is the Whomping Willow!!!

Okay, I know it's not a willow tree. BUT this tree was used in the Order of the Phoenix. There were several trees used as the Whomping Willow, but this is the last one standing.

Not only is Blenheim Palace a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the views, there is also lots to keep the children entertained, such as a maze, a model village, a pizza restaurant and lots more. Fret not, there is also a bar for the adults and a Shakespeare theatre! 

Blenheim Palace can also be hired for weddings! This will, however, set you back (at the very least) £6’500. However that’s only from 19:00 onwards…

What would I rate Blenheim Palace?

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  1. This is somewhere I have always wanted to visit! Your photos are so pretty x

    1. luce_siteadmin says:

      Oh thank you! It’s so gorgeous, highly recommend. Try and go off peak if you can, the actual palace gets so busy.

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