Learn with me!

I’ll get it out of the way now – I am not a teacher, nor a particularly intelligent person.

I have always wanted to learn more but hated school. I could never concentrate and was more interested in boys than homework.

I loved knowledge! I still do, but haven’t found the time or motivation to learn more. That brings me to my new series, Learn with me.

Learn with me will be a weekly post about topics I want to learn about. I will be learning about the topics and then writing about them, with a short quiz at the end.

I hope you will join me!

I have quite a few topics in mind and my first post will be a general overview of Greek Goddesses! I want to write about history, mythology, countries, heritage, inspiring people etc. so I hope you subscribe and join me on this learning journey!

If you have suggestions, drop them below!

    Join me on this journey
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