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Dear Journal, What I’m up to in quarantine

Dear Journal, I don’t know where to start with quarantine. It feels a bit like saying the name Voldemort, maybe we should be saying the “event-who-shall-not-be-named”?

Would that make it easier to cope with? Would anything make it easier to cope with right now?

I find my days are filled with food, work, moping and stressing over everything I lack right now. I’m extremely lucky to be with my fiance and his new found baking skills.

His new baking skills are a double edged sword, however. He has made the best brownies I have ever eaten, a soft Victoria sponge and really great chocolate cake. What could be bad about that, you ask?Β I used to bake a lot and fancied myself quite good at it. My fiance has come along with no experience and made 3 desserts BETTER than mine. Far better, each time.Β 

On the plus side I get good cake, so it’s not all bad. I also get to be with my lovely fiance every day and just enjoy the simple things together. He’s truly keeping me sane during this time and making me smile whenever I’m down. I would be at a total loss without him!Β 

In terms of blogging I have done zilch bar think about it. Thoughts of quitting, shame, not being as good at it as others, not enjoying it etc etc. the usual gag when I’m feeling low. I thought going niche-less would open me up to new possibilities, new posts, new social media options but I am STILL stuck in the never ending saga of keeping up with my socials.

Maybe eventually I will get there. I’m going to try again and see how far I get, but it’s hard. We will soon see.

For now, that’s all I have to say! My goals are to write for myself first and foremost.

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