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Day 8 // Lazy Halloween Costumes // This Dreams Alive

Lazy Halloween Costumes with Ash from This Dreams Alive

Realistically, there’s not going to be many Halloween parties this year thanks to Miss ‘Rona. As disappointing as it might be to not be able to go to fun events; we have to continue to take precautions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up.


Personally, I was looking forward to being Harley Quinn this year. However, everything has been so uncertain that I felt like there wasn’t much of a point putting a new costume together so I decided to pick the lazy option, and just put my own clothes together to create a costume. 


Rather than Harley Quinn, I’ve managed to put together a red skirt, blazer, and scrunchie with a white shirt to be the original mean girl; Heather Chandler from Heathers. 

A Schoolgirl
Heather Chandler’s look from Heathers the Musical is very school girl-esque. If you’re a fan of Heathers, depending on what colour skirts and jackets you own you can be any of the Heathers (or Veronica!).

However, if you don’t like Heathers, you can still dress up as a genric school girl or Baby One More Time Britney Spears if you have a plain black skirt or a plaid shirt, a tie, and a white shirt. Throw your hair in pigtails, and you’re ready to go!

Umbrella Jellyfish
You might be thinking “what the hell is an umbrella jellyfish!?” and I don’t blame you. I didn’t know what this was until a friend of mine showed up one Halloween holding a clear umbrella she attached fairy lights and strands of crepe paper too. It looked amazing but eas so low-effort because she didn’t need to buy a new costume or do fancy makeup.

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams is one of the most recognizable Halloween looks. All you need is a shirt with a collar and a black dress. As long as you have plaits, everyone will know how you are! If you feel a bit more mature, you can put on a black dress and red lipstick, to be Morticia Addams!

I guess the boy version of this is wearing a black shirt and putting a white strip underneath it if you want to be a priest.

A homicidal maniac (they look just like everyone else)
Wednesday Addams dressed up as a homicidal maniac for Halloween by not dressing up at all. As she said herself, they look just like everyone else.

So if you’re lazy Halloween costume is nothing at all, this is your excuse.

A Goth
A lot of alternative people aren’t big fans of people just wearing black on Halloween and saying they’re goth. Personally I don’t mind; after all, we have no idea what the world will be like in October, so if your lazy Halloween costume is just an all-black look then that’s okay!

There’s a lot of insensitive racist costumes out there, so I’d much rather people look goth or emo for Halloween than something else.

Wear any animal ears
The laziest costume of all is to just wear animal ears. Wear a black pair with a black outfit and you’re a black cat or a panter. Wear them with leopard print, and you’re a leopard. Wear them with stripes and you’re a tiger.

You can even be a mouse, duh. 

Bedsheet Ghost
The ultimate lazy Halloween costume has to be none other than the infamous bedsheet ghost. If you’re going to replace your bedsheets anyway, then you might as well upcycle them into a costume. To be a cute ghost, all you have to do is put the sheets over your head and cut out two holes for eyes! If you’re like me, and a little on the shorter side, then you can trim the ends so you don’t trip.

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Ash O'Connor

Ash O'Connor

Ash is a 24-year old Irish blogger from She loves all things Halloween and emo, as well as books, and coffee.

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  1. These are some great ideas. I love the idea of an umbrella jellyfish.

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