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Day 5 // Vegan Halloween Candy // Prickly Pineapples

Vegan Halloween Candy with Aisling from Prickly Pineapples

Prickly Pineapples is a site dedicated to wellness, veganism, eating disorder recovery, and
dismantling diet culture.

Vegan Halloween Sweets
Although this Halloween is going to be very different from previous Halloweens, we can still find ways to make it a fun night! Maybe have a little party with people you already live with (but please be socially distant if you’re inviting a few people over).

If you’re vegan yourself or have a vegan friend, then these vegan Halloween sweets will go down a real treat – don’t worry, there are no fruit or monkey nuts here!

Oreos are accidentally vegan which makes them a great Halloween snack! You can enjoy them alone, or cover them in vegan white chocolate and decorations to make spooky vegan-friendly Jack Skelington’s or ghosts!

Candy Kitten jellies
I often see Candy Kitten in TK Maxx, but they’re not always in. Candy Kitten have vegan friendly fizzy jellies in different flavours like blueberry, watermelon, and peach! The best part is that they’re shaped like kittens! They’re always on Amazon, so you can buy a few bags and try all the flavours.

Vego Pralines
Vego have quite a big range of vegan chocolate now, and their white chocolate bar is perfect for making a spooky Oreo treat. They’re pralines, however, come in little wrappers so are perfect for putting in a bowl for your friends to help themselves.

Twizzlers are American so they’re not always easy to track down on this side of the Atlantic. However, if you find yourself in a gourmet sweet shop or the American isle of a shop they’re well worth tracking down. Not only are they vegan friendly and delicious, but the red laces are a little spooky too!

Jelly Tots
Jelly Tots are another great vegan Halloween sweet. The fruit juice jellies were a childhood favourite of mine. You can give out little bags to trick or treaters or fill up a big bowl of them for guests.

Bournville Buttons
Cadbury’s Bournville is one of the most popular vegan-friendly chocolates out there. For a bar of dark chocolate, it’s not actually that dark or bitter at all so most people would like it. Unfortunately, 80% dark chocolate, even if it is vegan, is an acquired taste! They make cute little buttons that are perfect for a Halloween gathering.

Literally everything by Doisy & Dam
Dam & Doisy are a dream come true. They took popular non-vegan sweets like Malteasters, Smarties, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons and made them vegan! They use 70% dark chocolate, which might be a bit too dark for some people (Bournville doesn’t even break 40% cocoa by comparison).

Most lollipops
As lollipops tend to just be hardened sugar and water, most brands and varieties are vegan by default. Double-check the ingredients to be sure, but if you live somewhere with little to no vegan sweets then these should save your Halloween.

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  1. This is such an interesting post. I didn’t realise so many of these treats were vegan too which is great.

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