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Day 4 // Halloween Q&A // Brianna Marie Lifestyle

Halloween Q&A with Brianna Marie Lifestyle

Hi everyone. My name is Brianna and I’m behind the blog Brianna Marie Lifestyle. In this post I will be doing a fun little Halloween Q&A for you guys

1. Your favourite Halloween tradition 
My favorite Halloween tradition is of course dressing up. I’ve had so many fun costumes over the years and the DIY ones are my absolute favorites. Two of my all time favorites are the beer pong couple costume and the old couple costume 

2. Your top 5 Halloween movies

My favourite Halloween movies actually funny enough are mostly kids movies than anything. My favourite kid type movies are Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Hotel Transylvania. Halloweentown is about 3 kids who find out they are witches and warlocks and then find their way to Halloweentown where their grandmother lives. Once they get there they find out that Halloweentown needs their help. There are also 4 Halloweentown movies so you know it’s a great series. Next up is Hocus Pocus. This movie is about 3 evil witches who are accidently resurected and want revenge. The last one is Hotel Transylvania. In this movie Dracula owns a hotel for monsters and is very protective over his daughter who’s failling in love with a human. There are actually multiple Hotel Transilvania movies as well.
My other 2 favourite Halloween movies that are actually scary movies are House At Th End Of The Street and The Conjuring. The House At The End Of Th Street is about a girl that moves to a new neighborhood and finds out that the house at the end of the street had an accident with only one survivor that she becomes friends with. The Conjuring is about a married couple that’s called to homes when a supernatural presence makes itself known.
3. Your favourite Halloween nail colour
My favourite Halloween nail colour to use is orange for sure. Essie has some amazing colours you can check out.
4. Your favourite Halloween lip colour
My go to Halloween lip colour year after year is a dark purple red colour. It honestly reminds me a lot of blood which I find great for Halloween.
5. Your favourite places to visit in Halloween 
Some of my favourite places to visit around Halloween time is pumpkin patches and haunted houses. Usually pumpkin patches have more going on then just that and you can spend a couple hours there. It’s also just more fun to pick one out off the ground instead of a bin at a grocery store. Another favourite place of mine is haunted houses. I think haunted houses are so fun even if they do give me anxiety waiting in line to go in. But I guess that’s part of the reason we all like them.
6. Your favourite Halloween fashion trend
My favourite Halloween fashion trend would have to be black and white stripes. They look so great and can make a great outfit. They also give you those Beetlejuice vibes which is great for Halloween.
7. Your favourite Halloween/Fall pie
My favourite pie has always been and will always be an apple pie. I love the spices used in it and apple is my favourite fruit to bake with. Fun fact about me, my family lived on an apple orchard for about 5 years. The taste and smell is always so nosalgic to me and it’s probably why Leaves is my favourtie candle at Bath and Body works. I find it smells just like an apple ochard and I buy at least a couple of that candle scent every year.
8. What are you most looking forward to this October?

I’m looking forward to the fashion and making some fashion blog posts. Of all the seasons I think fall is defintiely my favourite. I love denim and leather jackets, boots, and of course plaid.

9. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it?
Definitely not! I absolutely believe in spirits and ghosts and dead people haunting houses because of unfinished business and whatever else. I would not be able to step foot in a place like that. I know I’m a bit of a scaredy cat in that sense but I would much rather stay clear.
10. If you could have a spooky halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick?
I would defintely prefer a black cat. Growing up we actually resued a black cat and this cat is the reason I started liking cats. He was so sweet and loved to cuddle and I miss him all the time. My current cat actually reminds me a lot of him which I love. They have very similar personalities which when I thnk about it actually remind me of a dogs personality. The only downside of having a black cat is it’s difficult to get good pictures of them. In the dark they pretty much just dissapear from the picture. Other than that I love them.

And those are all my answers for the Halloween Q&A. Thank you so much Luce for including me! I can’t wait to read eveyone else’s posts. If you’d like to read more from me you can find my blog here

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  1. briannamarielifestyle says:

    Thanks so much for including me! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I love watching Hocus Pocus too.

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