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Day 3 // Thoughts On Traveling During the Fall // Psychology of Travel

Thoughts on travelling during the fall with Dr L from Psychology of Travel

The Fall Season conjures up wholesome memories for me.  Orange, yellow, and red bursts of color from the changing leaves.  The first hot apple cider of the season.  Perhaps my favorite is the first cold spell towards the end of Fall.  This may be because I live in a warm climate, but something about the crispness of the cold air after a long persistent summer feels so refreshing!  In fact, it is that very feeling that inspires travel at this time of year as well.

I should note that after a long pandemic, it’s normal to have a feeling of wanderlust or cabin fever.  Please consider your local precautions about traveling, but if you’re able to travel safely this can be a particularly special season.  It’s a chance to finally scratch that itch to travel that you’ve endured throughout the Covid-19 travel restrictions.  Do so safely, respectfully, and with a sense of intentional mindfulness.  There’s plenty to enjoy out there this Fall season!  
In the United States, for example, several areas are known for their scenic beauty specifically during Fall.  Visitors travel from near and far to witness the changing color of the leaves throughout Tennessee.  This a great example of people traveling to a particular location based exclusively on how it looks during the Fall season!  
Have you ever traveled to a place based on it’s natural beauty at a particular time of the year?  If not, consider an intentional road trip during the Fall.  Whether short or long trip, bring with you the intention of being mindful and aware of the scenic beauty of nature all around you.  If you’re traveling a familiar path, try to notice things that are different in the Fall such as the colors, smells, even the angle of the sunshine.  This may help you appreciate your travels even more.
Of course, there are other reasons for traveling in the Fall as well.  So many unique festivals and traditions around the world during this season!  So, if you don’t feel like traveling to see the natural beauty inherent in this time of year, you can still go check out some of the fun seasonal festivities.  One way to do this locally (especially during any lingering Covid-19 travel restrictions) is through local town websites.  Pick a certain radius (like 20 miles, for example) and go to the towns’ websites within that radius for their latest seasonal celebrations.  Pick the ones you like and voila!  
Of course, there’s a certain element of the Fall season that goes beyond colorful leaves or seasonal entertainment.  There’s a certain warmth as the temperature begins to cool.  A warmth that extends throughout the “feel” of the Fall.  A warmth that encourages fellowship with family and friends.  A warmth that invites you to extend a bit of seasonal cheer to those around you, and a bit of extra enjoyment in that warm cup of tea.  So, if you’re able, consider traveling near or far this Fall and embrace the aesthetic beauty, special festivities, and magical warmth that the season brings about.  Stay safe and healthy, and have a Happy Fall Season!
Dr. L

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  1. This is such a great post. I love the colours of fall too. I’ve been guilty of travelling to see places during certain seasons.

  2. Autumn is my favourote season to explore the woods near where I live, I’m a sucker for picking up conkers too. x

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