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Day 17 // 20 things to do on a rainy day in Autumn // Lucy Lives Here

20 things to do on a rainy day in Autumn with Lucy from Lucy Lives Here

Rainy days. I guess a lot of people might think of rainy days as a negative thing. For me, they’re really not – not in the slightest.

I love lots of things about this time of year; the crisp mornings, the darker nights, and even the rain. Yes, really! I often joke that I wish it would rain more often just so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about chilling indoors all day.

Trust me, I can keep myself occupied quite easily. So with that in mind, here are 20 things you can do on a rainy day this autumn that are as productive, fun, or leisurely as you fancy…

1) Cosy up with a good book. Nothing original here but I love reading, and even more so when you can cosy up under the blanket on a couch and listening to the rain tapping against the window. I’ve recently been reading Olive, which I loved, and I also have Where the Crawdads Sing and Louise O’Neill’s new novel After the Silence on the list. Heaven!


2) Call one of your friends and have a long overdue catch-up. It doesn’t have to be a video call – goodness knows, most of us have OD-ed on those over the past few months – but there’s a lot to be said for a proper chat over the phone rather than on WhatsApp. That’s definitely one of my takeaways from lockdown and something I’d like to do more of in future. I even kind of miss the weekly quiz I did with my friends during lockdown!


3) Go through all your photos on your phone and choose your favourites from the past few months. This is always something I would like to do much more regularly, but I never seem to find the time, which is why a rainy day is the perfect time to do it. You can even order some frames and create a beautiful gallery wall in your living room or bedroom. 

4) Clear out your make-up bag. If you’re anything like me the insides of your make-up bag leaves a lot to be desired – please tell me I’m not the only one? A rainy day is the perfect time to do a thorough audit of your make-up bag, throw out any old bits and pieces that are dried up, cracked, or nearly finished. I always seem to be hanging onto old palettes or mascaras that are way past their best, so be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t use regularly! It’s also a good idea to give any brushes you use a wash in hot soapy water.


5) Dig out your raincoat and umbrella and go for a walk in the rain. I don’t know about you but as a dog owner I’m used to getting soaking wet being out and about. Not that the dog is a big fan of the rain for that matter – he’s far too pampered! If you’re feeling a bit sluggish then going for a walk is a great way to get some fresh air and clear away the cobwebs. Just make sure you’ve got a pot of tea or hot chocolate to cosy up with for when you get back. 


6) Clear out your wardrobe. I have so many clothes that I’ve not worn in months. You may find if you’re continuing to work from home long-term your lifestyle has changed and you may not even need some of the smart office clothes that you used to wear. Sort out what can be donated from what can be sold, which leads to my next point…

7) Add your old clothes that you could sell to your Depop account. Depop is a great money maker that actually takes minimal effort – just snap some photos, add your descriptions – you definitely need to add some detail to this part – and get ready to make money. You can read my comprehensive guide on how you can make money on Depop here


8) Clean up your house or flat. I know, wasn’t this list supposed to be full of fun stuff? I only added this to the list because it’s much more fun cosying up in your flat or house when it’s clean. I wouldn’t spend hours over it; allocate yourself an hour or two and get as much done in that time as you can. If you don’t finish, leave it for another day and make time to relax. 


9) Update your interior décor. You want your place to be cosy and warm in autumn, and that might mean adding some more autumnal tones into your home (yellows, golds, coppers) as well as focusing on texture. I’m all about the texture! Faux fur rugs, cosy throws, knitted cushions… these will all make your home feel snug and cosy when it’s cold outside. 

10 Bake! I surprised myself by getting into baking during lockdown, and it’s something I like to do from time to time. Whip up a pumpkin-related recipe to tie in with the season or try something spooky that you could serve at Halloween. Otherwise, just indulge your sweet tooth with some cookies or brownies or go back to peak lockdown favourite, banana bread. 


11) Watch an old movie you’ve seen a hundred times before. I love the nostalgia of watching a film you can quote pretty much every line from. I reckon it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon activity and I make sure I schedule it in on a regular basis. You don’t have to concentrate too much, you know you’ll enjoy it, and it’s a fail-safe way to boost your mood if you’re feeling a bit low. For me, 80s and 90s movies like The Goonies, Legends of the Fall and Titanic are my favourites to cosy up with, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of your own.


12) Discover something new on Netflix. There’s so much on Netflix that sometimes it feels difficult to even scratch the surface on there, and when you do I know I usually end up in the trending or recommended for you content. However, there’s a lot to be said for digging a little bit deeper and potentially unearthing some hidden gems – who knows what you might discover. I’m in the middle of a Louis Theroux phase at the moment and loving it. 

13) Dig out your old board games and have a games day. I always tend to scoff at board games as they’re not really my thing but I was recently on a staycation near Pitlochry and one of my friends brought along a board game called Scrawl which was surprisingly enjoyable. Sometimes you just need someone else to advocate for something, right? 


14) Discover some new blogs. If your social media feed is starting to feel a little stale and you feel like you’re reading posts from the same people all the time then it’s time to find some new blogs! I love to learn from other bloggers so as far as I’m concerned the more people you can discover to inspire you the better – look out for tweets or Facebook posts when people can drop their links and get reading, liking and commenting. 


15) Work on your blog. When it’s beaming with sunshine outside during the summer months I always get the guilt about wanting to stay in and work on my blog, but that’s not the case in autumn, right? Let’s face it, there’s always lots to do when it comes to blog tasks, from creating and scheduling pins, working on SEO strategy, chatting on social media, guest posting on other blogs, and so on. I never have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do so a rainy afternoon to work on my blog would be welcome TBH!

16) Plan your next staycation. 2020 really is the year of the staycation, but even in the previous couple of years I’ve enjoyed using the cooler months to book a cosy Airbnb cottage relatively close by. For me, that means somewhere in the countryside in Scotland, preferably with a wood burner and some lovely dog walks nearby. In some ways this whole thing has really made us take a look at our surroundings with fresh eyes and appreciate what’s on our doorstep. I know I’m loving seeing more of Scotland recently!


17) Take a course. Bored? Want to try a new hobby? Or feel like your blog views need a bit of pepping up and you want to get your head around affiliate marketing or Pinterest or SEO? Then take a course! There are a ton of courses out there, some free, and a lot that are very affordable. It’s a great way to make productive use of your time and learn something new. The Pinterest and SEO courses I did earlier this year have been game changers for me! 


18) Upcycle some furniture. I’m all for updating your old furniture and making it look fresh with a lick of paint. Trust me, some paint can be transformative – way more than you might think. I’ve used it to update a fireplace in my house and I’ve also upcycled mirrors, magazine racks, and transformed a room by painting the wall a deep charcoal colour. Give it a go!

19) Take a nap. I mostly associate napping with my student days (a long time ago now) but there’s definitely something to be said for having a nap on a wet and gloomy day. I actually took a couple of naps on my last staycation in Pitlochry after a couple of rather long walks, and it was lovely to fall asleep on the couch with the wood-burner crackling in the background. I woke up totally refreshed and ready for drinks and fun in the evening. 


20) Make a playlist. As a new owner of a car I’ve been gadding about in the car a lot recently, but the one thing that bugs me is we never know what music to put on. It’s always ends up being a ten minutes search through my Spotify albums and then several changes before I’m happy. If you’re a bit more organised than me you might find that making a playlist is a useful thing to do and will mean you’re all set for your next road trip.

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  1. These are some great options. I love having a catch up with friends, even if its only by phone at the moment.

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