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Day 14 // Autumn Q&A // Planning with Em

Autumn Q&A with Em from Planning with Em

I read Roxanne’s Autumn Questions Tag and loved the questions she answered so I thought I would answer them myself! To read Roxanne’s original post you can find it here: 

Let me know in the comments, what your answers would be! Here goes:

Flannels or jumpers?

I used to loveeee flannels and don’t get me wrong, their still cute but they aren’t very warm. Jumpers are super cosy and keep me warm so I will have to say jumpers! 

Fairy light or candles?

Fairy lights are my favourite all year round but there’s something about fairy lights in autumn that make me feel extra cosy! I love candles, the autumn scents and cute packaging but I used to be terrified of fire, so I haven’t quite manage to actually burn candles in my house yet. One day I will get there!

Hot chocolate or tea?

Okay don’t judge me but I don’t actually like tea…or coffee…but I do love hot chocolate so that’s my go-to autumnal drink!

Favourite autumn colour?

In Autumn, you’ll find me wearing a lot of burgundy/dark red because I LOVE that colour and I think it’s a really autumnal colour. 

Favourite autumn scent?

I’m kind of basic with my scents. I love vanilla so much, but I do also like autumn leaves and pumpkin spice scents too. 

Favourite thing about autumn?

The leaves changing colour, crunchy leaves and cosy blankets!  

Autumn or Winter?

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, but Autumn really is my favourite season! I think if we had more snow in the UK then Winter would be my favourite. 

Scarf or Hat?

I look like an egg with a hat on, so I don’t wear them very often, but I love a good chunky scarf! Especially those ones that can be used as a blanket. 

Dream place to visit in autumn?

Canada! I feel like it would be magical to be in Canada in the autumn time (and Canada is one of my bucket list destinations)

Spooky autumn or cosy autumn?

Definitely cosy autumn. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween and one of the best things about autumn is the cosy vibes!

Favourite autumn themed movie?

This isn’t a movie, it’s a series but Gilmore Girls is my ultimate favourite autumnal watch! Stars Hollow is the cosiest and autumnal town! 

Best way to spend a rainy autumnal day?

A slow morning, a day of art and bullet journaling and warm vegan cookies!

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Emily Wyatt

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween either.

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