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Day 12 // Autumn Essentials // A Girl with a View

Autumn Essentials with Natasha from A Girl with a View

I absolutely love Autumn as a season (mainly because it’s my birthday right at the start)! The transition into cooler weather, the changing of the leaves and being able to have cosy nights in make Autumn one of my favourite seasons! Autumn is also an incredibly busy season as everyone starts to get prepared for Christmas(!!).

It’s a season that’s full of transition and change and for that reason it means that I have to adapt and bring out my autumn essentials so that I can survive the next few months before Winter hits!

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Hot Chocolate
I am not a tea or coffee drinker at all so when the weather gets colder, I miss out on all the fancy
drinks that the coffee shops bring out (Pumpkin Spiced Latte I’m looking at you). Thankfully, hot
chocolate is available, so all is not lost and there is nothing nicer than snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate to warm yourself up after a long and cold day outside. Whittard’s do the absolute best
hot chocolates with so many amazing flavours, they’re pricier but if you want to really treat yourself this Autumn invest in one of their classic hot chocolates!

Netflix Series
Autumn means spending a lot more time indoors as spending time in the cold and wet is never appealing. TV instantly gets better once Autumn starts as all the new dramas hit the screens (though COVID has most likely dampened that this year). I love finding a new series to sink my teeth into when the weather gets colder to forget about the outside world and become engrossed in a gripping series. Recently, I’ve been watching The Bodyguard and The Fall on Netflix which were amazing series that I highly recommend watching this Autumn!

Autumn means the return of jumpers! An absolute wardrobe staple for me and they’re just so versatile. Not only do they keep you warm, which is essential as the weather gets colder, but they also work with every outfit without you having to think about it. I love nothing more than getting out of bed to go to uni, chucking on a thick jumper and you’re well and truly good to go. Jumpers in the classic autumnal colours like burnt orange, mustard and burgundy instantly get me feeling so much more wintery and ready to face the colder weather!

Lip Balm and Hand Cream
It’s important not to neglect your beauty regime during the Autumn months as your skin gets a battering as the weather changes. Two things that I cannot live without are lip balm and hand cream
to stop my skin from becoming dry and chapped.

My absolute favourite lip balm come Summer or Autumn is the Carmex one – I cannot live without it and I always have at least one on the go. I find it helps to keep my lips feel hydrated and stops them from becoming chapped and dry regardless of the weather.

Hand cream is also something I try to use more as the weather gets colder, my personal favourite is one from The Sanctuary as I hate creams that make your hands feel greasy or take ages to rub in. Your body really needs some extra TLC in the autumn and these two items are so easy to just chuck in your bag and whip out whenever your skin needs a bit of a boost.

A Good Book

Autumn normally means that the weather isn’t going to be amazing so finding a good book that you
can read during the dark evenings is a necessity for me. There’s nothing nicer than getting your head stuck into a good book, forgetting the world outside and becoming absorbed in what you’re reading.
You can whip out the Christmas themed novels if you’re wanting to get into the Christmas spirit

Those are my Autumn essentials for when the weather starts to get a bit colder and the evenings get
darker. Though Autumn can be a difficult season for some, I see it as a time to have some cosy, indoor time and to slow down after what it normally a busy summer (though this year has been a bit different)!

Autumn is one of my absolute favourite seasons though it needs some preparation to make sure I’m fully ready for the colder days!

What’s your favourite season? Do you have any Autumn essentials?

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Natasha Evans

Natasha Evans

Tash is a UK based blogger and English student who blogs all about travel, books and university life (amongst a whole host of other topics) on her blog, A Girl with a View! She loves talking to new people so feel free to reach out to her via social media!

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  1. You’ve included some great essentials. I love jumper dresses and boots at this time of year.

  2. Thank you for featuring me in Blogtober!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

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