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Day 11 // Autumn Q&A // The Book Family Rogerson

Autumn Q&A with Mel from The Book Family Rogerson

  • What do you like best about Autumn?
    Autumn is one of our favourite times of the year because it marks the beginning of the darker nights which give the perfect excuse to hunker down with great reads. As a keen photographer and hiker, it’s also an amazing time to go out with my camera and capture shots of the local leaf colour.
  • Do your reading habits change in Autumn?
    We always turn to darker books – folk horror, gothic fiction and magical realism. We’re big fans of Halloween so we watch lots of scary movies too!
  • Do you do anything special for Halloween?
    The whole family is into the witchy vibe and our downstairs loo is decorated with magical objects (including broomstick) all year round. On Halloween, we decorate the house, carve pumpkins and have lots of sweets on offer for trick or treaters (half of which usually get eaten by us!).
  • Which books would you recommend for Autumn?
    Netflix is releasing a movie adaptation on Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier 21 October so I highly recommend reading this. It’s an absolute classic and worth diving into before the film comes out. For other suggestions, we’ve recommended our other top scariest books for Halloween on our blog.

  • What’s your favourite Autumn movie?
    Dead Poet’s Society is definitely up there and more recently Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. The cinematography on both is inspirational. We watched all the Harry Potter movies in September and expect to replay them again soon as our little girl is obsessed!
  • Do you have any favourite places that you like to visit in Autumn?
    We usually spend a weekend at Gladstone’s Library which is a bookish retreat in Hawarden, UK but sadly it’s closed due to Covid-19. Instead, we’re going to Northumberland for a few days and will spend time exploring Hadrian’s Wall as well as local bookshops.
  • What essentials do you like to have in Autumn?
    My camera, books, lots of cosy jumpers and blankets (we are on a mission to cut back on energy emissions) hiking boots and a pot of freshly-brewed coffee!
  • Any favourite Autumnal foods?
    I’m mainly vegan but make an exception for macaroni cheese, which I cook in a very basic way with cheddar, mustard, flour and butter plus greens on the side. My husband makes a killer vegan apple crumble from apples in our garden.

  • Do you have anything on your Autumn wishlist?
  • A new laptop would be nice! Aside from this, we’re just hoping to spend time as a family and enjoy the season to the full.
  • What’s your Autumn style?
    Woolly jumpers, jeans and bright yellow boots – usually with a book bag from Yoshi.

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  1. Great Q&A! I love wearing cosy warm jumpers too.

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