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Autumn Q&A with Eleanor from Not-So-Modern Girl

I love Autumn, and I’m so happy to get the chance to be part of this blogging collaboration, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s brilliant contributions! I hope you all enjoy reading my answers to these brilliant questions.

  • What’s your favourite Autumn tradition?

This is a great question! I love it when the season starts to change from warm Summer days to those first days of September and October. When I was little, my family and I used to take a walk through the local park and try to catch one of the first leaves to fall off the trees. My parents always claimed it was good luck- I’m not sure how true that is, but it was definitely my favourite tradition.

  • If Autumn is your favourite season, why?

I think Autumn and Summer are my joint favourite seasons. I love Autumn fashion, and it feels like such a cosy season, reminding me of snuggling under blankets and watching cosy Autumn films.

  • A book that gets you in the Autumn mood

‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier. I love this book whatever the season, but it has such a mysterious and gothic feel to it that gives it a dark, cosy, Autumn feel. For this reason, Du Maurier is the perfect Autumn author, and ‘Rebecca’ always puts me in the Autumn mood.

  • Your favourite Autumn mood songs

I’ve been listening to ‘Folklore’ by Taylor Swift throughout the Summer, but the songs on this album are perfect for Autumn. They have such a beautiful, mystical feel to them and I can definitely imagine curling up under a blanket listening to this album during the long Autumn evenings. ‘Cardigan’ and ‘Betty’ in particular have a very Autumn feel to them.

  • Your top fashion tips for Autumn

I’m not sure I’m the most stylish person to offer fashion tips! I think my main one would be to always make sure you have lip balm on you, or at least some Vaseline. I always get dry lips during the Autumn months, and so having Vaseline on hand at all times is a great idea to keep your lips healthy. The same can be said for moisturiser- during the colder months it can be really helpful to have some on hand.

  • Your favourite places to visit in Autumn

I love to go on long walks through the local woods during Autumn, as the trees are always beautiful and covered with a myriad of coloured leaves. I also love to visit coffee shops during the Autumn, as they have such a cosy and snug feel as the days start to get darker and cooler.

  • Your favourite Autumn piece of clothing

I have this cute little burgundy knitted jumper which I’m looking forward to getting out during the Autumn months. During the Summer, I like to wear dresses and make the most of the fleeting warm weather over here in the UK, so it’s always nice to get out my burgundy jumper come October.

  • Your favourite Autumn movie

I really like watching ‘About a Boy’, and for me it has a very Autumn feel to it. Part of it is set on Christmas Day, and the main character wears some brilliant warm jumpers, hats, and scarves that definitely make me think of Autumn. It’s also a great film all year round, and I would recommend it for any Hugh Grant fans.

  • Your favourite Autumn pie

Over in the UK we don’t have pie as much during the Autumn months (or at least my family and I never have). However, after watching so many US TV programmes and films about Thanksgiving, I’d love to try a classic pumpkin pie!

  • Your favourite Autumn drink

I think Autumn is the best time for warm drinks, but I’m actually not a huge fan of hot drinks! However, I do love a good cup of tea, and Autumn is the perfect time to try out different, warming flavours.

  • Your ultimate Autumn outfit

I love the layered look! I often layer t-shirts and jumpers under dresses, and teaming these with thin black tights and boots is the perfect Autumn outfit for me.

  • What are you most looking forward to this October?

This October, I’m most looking forward to visiting friends! As I’ve finished Uni, I’m back at home job-hunting, and I’m really looking forward to visiting my friends across the country when Covid measures have eased a little more. I love a good visit, and it’ll be great to regularly see the people I love after so long apart.

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