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Christmas at Blenheim: Winter Adventure

As if Blenheim Palace wasn’t already beautiful enough, along comes their Christmas celebrations. Their theme this year was “Alice in the Palace” based on the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,  by Lewis Carroll. (You can purchase it *here*) 

Tickets cost £27 per adult, £16 per child. Once there you can change your day ticket for an annual pass, which gets you back into the Palace for free, even for their Christmas market and walk-through.


All the Christmas Trees

Room 1: Absolem

Room 2: Pool of tears and the Caucus Race

Room 3: Cheshire Cat

Room 4: Who stole the tarts?

The Grand Hall

The Beautiful Gardens

Blenheim Palace sits within 2’000 acres of gorgeously maintained land. Throughout the gardens you will find stunning bridges designed by Capability Brown (read more about him *here*) and beautiful gardens well-kept by the staff. 

My rating for Blenheim Palace:

It’s hard not to find yourself swept up in the beauty and history of the palace, but if you choose the wrong day you will be inundated with coach loads of tourists bustling through the corridors of the palace. I would highly recommend visiting the palace in the winter or the summer (see my summer visit *here*) however, try and visit on a weekday rather than a weekend!

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