Books I just didn’t enjoy in 2020 and what I’m looking forward to in 2021

Look, some books just don’t hit the right spot for some people. Whether that’s the writing, the plot, the grammar or just the mood I’m in! It all makes a difference. Here are the books I just didn’t enjoy in 2020.

Now, before we get off to a bad start, I don’t think these authors are terrible nor do I absolutely hate the books. Little things can spoil a book for me and sometimes I am definitely just not intelligent enough for a book! 

With that out of the way, let’s delve into the worst of 2020 for me.

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Circe by Madeline Miller

Circe by Madeline Miller has been raved about on Book Twitter, much to my dismay. I felt like I missed out or I had read the wrong book. 

I felt like I was going round in circles with this book and could not for the life of me grasp onto it. Every time I tried to pick it up, I would have to go back 5 pages to remind myself of what was happening.

Spending most of my youth obsessed with Greek Mythology, I thought I would love it. I suppose I can take from this that maybe I was more infatuated with the history of Greek Mythology rather than the stories? 

We may never know. Clearly a lot of people enjoyed it, with an overall of 4.26 rating on Goodreads from 375,579 readers (at the time of writing this) I am among the very few who did not enjoy it.

Marked, House of Night #1 by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast

I really don’t have very much to say about this book. I loved the concept – hence why I bought it. 

Described as a Hogwarts-esque Vampire society, I expected to at least enjoy the plot, unfortunately for me that didn’t happen.

The book follows a simple base line: around 16 years old a Vampire “tracker” marks you with a symbol upon your forehead which means you must go to the Vampire training school, House of Night. Sounding similar?

Having always been a sucker for terrible vampire books, I at least thought I would enjoy the terrible-ness of it. I was wrong.

The writing didn’t draw me in, neither did the plot or the characters. I struggled back and forth with this book for 3 months before finally sitting down and forcing myself to finish it. 

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Before I get into it – I enjoyed the book at the end and will be buying the second book in the series with hopes of enjoyment.

I really wanted to love this book. Having read all of Leigh Bardugos other books, I had huge hopes and maybe that was my downfall.

Ninth House took me 2/3 months to finish, however the last 50 or so pages took me no time at all. When it got to the end, I was genuinely enjoying Alex and couldn’t wait for the next book. 

My problem is- I hate waiting that long to enjoy a book and generally speaking I would have added it to my DNF pile if I hadn’t enjoyed the author so much in the past.

Again, I am somewhat alone in this as the book does have a 4.03 rating from 98’049 readers. I would suggest definitely reading this book but maybe set your expectations lower than mine!

To end on a more positive note, I do recommend reading these books for yourselves. My reviews shouldn’t stop you – we are all different and have very different tastes. 

I find books are a lot like mushrooms; they can be very hit or miss depending on the person eating them. I have already pre-ordered Leigh Bardugos other book coming out this year, the sequel to King of Scars. (You can read about it here, my TBR for 2021 and other books I’m looking forward to!)

Let me know what you thought of these books in the comments!

What I'm looking forward to in 2021

With my due date approaching, I am praying for a sleepy baby that just wants to nap whilst I read. (nothing too unrealistic, right? Ha!)

All of these books are on my shelves ready to read, once I finish “the positive birth book” the first on my list is A Court of Silver Flames! 

I also started following Chloe Gong, author of These Violent Delights, on twitter and she honestly seems really great and sweet so I am super excited for these books.


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      The only one I’ve heard of here is Marked… and I really enjoyed it, and the other books in the House of Night series. My mum got me into the series and it did get better as it went on – for me anyway. Especially when darker characters are introduced.

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