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I’m a little late with this post, if you haven’t already seen I’ve updated my whole blog and my Instagram

My Instagram is now a source of positivity whilst also working for my blog, and perselem.blog is now going to be something I enjoy doing rather than feeling obligated to do it because I pay for it. 

So, with those changes in mind, let’s get to my April goals!

  • Consistently post enjoyable content on Instagram
  • Consistently post enjoyable content on perselem.blog
  • Prepare the house (and me) for baby’s arrival!
  • Read more (and finish my current reads)
  • Eat more fruit

You can check out my Instagram here:

A look back at March 2021

March was a blur of heartburn, work and preparing for the baby.

With our due date fast approaching, I’ve gone full on “nesting” mode. 

For most women, nesting means getting all the clothes for the baby, nappies etc. for me nesting has been sewing weird stuff.

My latest creation? A sock whale. Pinterest link here for the sock whale!

Besides that, I have been chilling and neglecting my blog and socials in favour of playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

But I won’t dwell on that now, let’s see what’s coming up this month.

In April I have my post for the Lifestyle Ladies Blog Collaboration going live, this months theme is Earth Day! You can read last months post here.

I have a couple posts planned in my brain for April and so much more to write up!

I’m feeling positive and excited for what’s to come and hope you will all come along for the journey.

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