An update on my life

We all experience ups and downs in life, I just happen to be in a down bit right now! I’ve been struggling with keeping up with my blog, my work and anything else I might want to do. 

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and definitely not enough motivation. 

I recently re-branded as a book blog, but then found that that still didn’t renew my excitement for blogging.

But blogging isn’t just writing a blog, is it? You need to take the pretty pictures for Instagram, engage with others content (otherwise you’re branded a bad blogger or the algorithm will hate you) make sure to Tweet however many times a day. But only at the right time! Be sure to pin 3 times a day, but don’t use a scheduling app! Check your blog every week for broken links and be sure to write a post a day. 

Make sure you create new, interesting graphics on Canva each day and keep your engagement up. Edit all your photos to make them “prettier”.

Then you have real life! Eat 3 times a day, work from 08:30-17:00 and sleep 8+ hours. Read as many books as you can and don’t watch too much TV! When the weekend rolls by, you need to be sure to write new, fresh content and Instagram everything you’re doing. Don’t have opinions on Twitter, less ye want to face the wrath of trolls. Or worse, face the bloggers who put other bloggers down for not doing all of the above all the time!

I absolutely admire anyone who can keep up with it and keep their head and heart in it, but my head exploded last week and my heart has seen better times! 

I’m struggling to decide where I’m at or what I want to do! I love being creative and blogging gives me that opportunity but I’ve had to get real with myself and decide what’s truly best for me. 

I still want to blog but I also need to enjoy it, because realistically I’m probably never going to make money from it and I should be enjoying it! After all, you can’t keep up with everything if you don’t love it.

Over the next few weeks/months I will be rebranding as a “personal blog” where I will write about whatever I feel like! Baked a cake? Fab, put it on the blog! Read a book or better yet, written a book? Great, here I am again! 

I’m not going to limit myself anymore to just books or just travel. I want to be more personal with everyone. If you want to stick around for the journey, please do! I would love to hear from anyone who feels the same way.

I have also decided to not do Perselem Book Club for now, otherwise I really will be squashed under everything I would like to do. 

From now you will find I write about what I want, when I want. If I want to learn to crochet? You better believe it’ll be here. Gemmed a dress? Yep, you guessed it, it’ll be here. I hope this update will make me enjoy blogging more!

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  1. I truly understand what you went through, it happened to me before. I was able to overcome this phase by reminding myself of why I blog and what are my goals for blogging. I looked back at the beginning of my blogging journey and it cheered me up, Making myself some new goals for the future also helped me very much. Blogging is much more time consuming than what people think but it’s okay to not do all of these things (Social media), you can do a few things at a time, you can walk at your own pace, it’s completely okay.

  2. I could relate to the first part of what you said. Unfortunately for me my motivation has not been there since December. I still have tons of drafts sitting there waiting to be completed and published. It’s not only the blog, but the pressure to use social media to promote your work. But interesting tip about not using auto social media tools, any particular reason?

    1. Absolutely! I’m just starting to auto schedule my Instagram, otherwise I’d definitely never post.

      There was some debate not long ago regarding the use of auto-scheduling tools for Pinterest not being as successful as manual pins. I didn’t look too deeply into it as I don’t schedule anyway

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