A Romantic Sardinian Getaway – Valentines Blogger Collaboration

A Romantic Sardinian Getaway – Valentines Blogger Collaboration

Name me a country more romantic than Italy. I’ll wait.

Sardinia is one of two islands off the coast of Italy. Boasting gorgeous beaches and fabulous food. We stayed in Sassari, which is near Alghero with easy access from the hotel we stayed in.

Read on if you’re interested in a romantic stay away; a solo holiday in a fantastic location or just enjoy reading about Italy! I welcome you all.

The Hotel

Hotel El Faro is a must-stay if you like relaxation over excursions. You have a gym, spa, 2 pools, an outdoor gym, 2 restaurants and a sea front location. 

Sassari is such a gorgeous location, however you are at least a 20 minute drive away from a town. 

From the Hotel, you can walk to a small convenience store and grab some lunch/snacks. If you’re the type who enjoys hanging around the hotel by the pool/sea etc then you will absolutely love this hotel.

That being said, you can hire a car from the hotel for the day, which we did. Surprisingly cheaper than hiring bikes and far less exercise!

Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte

One of the best days we had was wandering around this local nature reserve.

As you can see, the views were breathtaking and the weather was fantastic the whole week we were there. 

I would definitely recommend Sardinia to anyone. The hotel was disabled friendly and very welcoming. The only downside would be check in. 

Check in isn’t until 16:00. If you get there before, you can leave your bags etc. But you have to wander around in your plane gear (which I personally hate) 

We got there at 11:00 ish so we had quite a long wait! If you really wanted to, you could probably have changed in one of the downstairs toilets but I prefer a shower etc.

This blog post is part of the Valentines Blogger Collaboration

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Day 3: Unfortunately the blogger pulled out.
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How would you rate Sassari, Sardinia?

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