2021 Goals for myself and Perselem!

Let’s get this out of the way: Goals will not solve all your problems from last year! Only you can do that.

With 2020 being one of the worst years yet for many people, I’m sure we can all agree we want 2021 to go as smoothly as possible.

Hoping for a year without flaws may be asking too much, but at least a year of happiness and growth for all would be lovely. Everyone is different and lots of people will be giving themselves new and improved New Years Resolutions, but maybe this year we should do something different.

Rather than put all of hopes on some New Years Resolutions, we could all just try our best to be better people. Little by little, improve our every day actions by questioning if it really is improving our lives or is it limiting us?

2021 I've decided to do the following few little bits to start off on the right foot and improve my daily life:

  • Delete Instagram. Way too much negativity on that app, and it doesn’t matter how well I tried to manage my time, I always ended up on my phone for too long.
  • Read more books. I have a big ol TBR right now of around 56 books and e-books and a Kindle Unlimited subscription I really don’t need. This should also help get me away from my phone (bar the e-books, of course)
  • Drink more. I try and carry round a bottle of squash everywhere I go now.

Goals in my personal life

My biggest goal for 2021 is to birth a happy, healthy baby in June! I can only hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Is it too much to ask for a short labour?!

  • Crafts. This year I would really love to get on top of some of the crafts I set out to achieve and have bits of bobs for, such as; gemming dresses; sewing; embroidering etc.
  • Fitness. I’m trying to stay fit during this pregnancy but I would like to get stuck back into sport come July.

Goals for Perselem

All I want this year is to be proud of my little blog, and enjoy it. I decided to start all over and really try and connect with what I enjoy most.

I’ve decided to narrow it down but not restrict myself to a niche. I want to centre around books I’ve read or am reading, crafts and learning! However, if I want to write about a movie I loved or hated, I will. If I want to write about something new I’ve learnt or made, I will. If people truly enjoy my writing, I figure I can write about what works best: me and what I enjoy.

Here’s to an incredible 2021 filled with joy and happiness! 

I hope you will all join me for this new journey of discovery, I am so looking forward to staying on this creative wave and embracing whatever comes my way. 

Let me know your goals for 2021 in the comments!


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