Harley Merlin Series – Bella Forrest / Book Review 19

September 9, 2019

My first book review! We’re starting with one I am absolutely torn on. 

Harley Merlin series of books written by Bella Forrest follow the protagonist Harley Merlin, a 19 year old magical working in a casino. Her life changes when along comes another Magical and inducts her into the San Diego Coven. 

Now, as I said above I’m torn. I am three books deep in 4 days which should give you some indication of how much I’m enjoying it, so why am I torn?

Well, the writing for one. I have read other reviews and they have all bought up the same issue; that smirking is one of their limited facial emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good smirk here and there but when it’s nearly every other smile it gets slightly tedious reading that same five letter word. 

The second problem I’m torn on is the general internal thoughts of Harley; they don’t seem to match her background. Yes she’s a foster kid and has lived in tough areas etc. but she also went to boarding school for a brief time and is clearly rather intelligent, so why on Earth she has the internal dialogue of a prepubescent girl I don’t know. 

I look at this book as something of a guilty pleasure. Not my favourite writing style but cheap (free with Kindle unlimited) and the story line is slightly different to similar YA fantasy books out there I’ve recently read. 

The romantic elements keep you hanging and buying the next book despite the obvious nature of it.

Would I recommend reading it? Yes, if you are interested in an easy young adult fantasy read. If you can overlook the smirking I would recommend giving these books a go. Tobe alone is worth reading this for.


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